HOME Rochester

PathStone is proud to be a Developer in the HOME Rochester Program. The HOME Rochester program allows individuals and families with low and moderate incomes an opportunity to participate in the American Dream through homeownership.
All the homes available in the HOME Rochester program are single family homes located within the City of Rochester. Homes are available in many different city neighborhoods. To learn more about the beauty and vibrancy of our City neighborhoods, please visit http://celebratecityliving.com/

The HOME Rochester program receives funding from the City of Rochester and is administered by the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership. The HOME Rochester program provides a “three-pronged approach” (Acquire, Rehabilitate and Sell) to revitalize the City of Rochester. This program removes the blighting influence of vacant properties through rehabilitation, while providing a beautiful, affordable home for a family to own and live in for the long term. Additionally, the HOME Rochester program contributes to Rochester’s economy by utilizing local contractors to rehabilitate the houses and having trained community organizations supervise the rehabilitation.

HOME Rochester homes are sold to income-qualified homebuyers who do not currently own residential property. Homebuyers must be able to qualify for a conventional, fixed rate mortgage and contribute a minimum of $1,500 toward the purchase of their home.

Typically the acquisition and rehabilitation costs needed to bring a home into code compliance exceed the comparable sales prices of the neighborhood. To insure a home is affordable to the homebuyer and sells at the neighborhood’s market rate, HOME Rochester houses receive subsidy to underwrite the total development costs. Our subsidies come from a variety of sources and each subsidy source has a different requirement for the length of owner-occupancy by the homebuyer. HOME Rochester homebuyers are required to occupy their home for 15 years. HOME Rochester’s owner-occupancy requirement further strengthens City neighborhoods by providing dedicated homeowners who feel invested in their community for the long term.

You may view current homes for sale and contact listing agents at HOME Rochester.