Community Energy Engagement Program

PathStone serves as the Constituency-Based Organization for the NYSERDA Community Energy Engagement Program in the Finger Lakes area. We offer free assistance in applying for these programs, advice on how to make your home more energy efficient, and technical knowledge to help you communicate with local contractors participating in these programs. We are your “Energy Coach!” We offer a workshop where you can learn more about making your home more energy efficient.

  • EmPower New York provides no-cost energy efficiency solutions to income-eligible New Yorkers (see table below for income limits).  
  • The Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program makes it easy and affordable for state residents to investment in a more energy-efficient home, helping income-eligible homeowners lower their energy bills and live more comfortably all year long. Applicable homes fall below the 120% state median income with a discount covering 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency improvements up to $5,000 per project for single-family homes. Landlords can qualify for up to $10,000 on 2-4 unit properties with income-eligible residents.
  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® – Helps homeowners of any income level start saving energy with a free or reduced cost energy audit and low interest loans (3.49-7.99% depending on income.)
  • NY-Sun (Solar Electric) – Multifaceted approach aims to lower energy costs for all New Yorkers by increasing solar power capacity and the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid. Public-private partnerships help make installing solar technology more affordable for all New Yorkers while scaling up New York’s solar industry.
  • Clean Heating & Cooling Campaigns
    • PathStone is operating campaigns across the Finger Lakes Region to promote adoption of heat pump hot water heaters and HVAC systems to reduce carbon emissions, promote “beneficial electrification” and make homes safer, healthier and more energy efficient. Check out HeatSmart Monroe / Finger Lakes for details. 
    • We also partner with the City of Rochester and the Climate Solutions Accelerator on the Sustainable Homes Rochester heat pump campaign.
  • For an overview of how heat pumps work, click here.

We can also offer small business owners’ assistance in finding the right energy efficiency program to suit their needs. For more information about these programs please fill out our intake form or call (585) 546-3700 Ext.3025.

Household SizeEmPower NY Program (free energy improvements)Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
1Under $31,318Under $42,800
2Under $40,954Under $54,605
3Under $50,590Under $67,453
4Under $60,226Under $80,301
5Under $69,862Under $93,149
6Under $79,498Under $105,997
7Under $81,305Under $108,407
8Under $86,860Under $115,813
9Under $95,700Under $127,600
10Under $104,540Under $139,387

For a free or reduced cost home energy assessment, apply at NYSERDA.